Easy Blog Networks Review

Easy Blog Networks Review

Ultimate PBN Web Hosting for Professional SEO Experts

Easy Blog Networks PBN web hosting

Even though it’s been debated in the SEO circles for years that Easy Blog Networks, also called EBN, is not what it says it is, or some would even say that it leaves unwanted footprints towards the SEO campaign, I have to kind of agree to disagree and here is why.

I am using EBN for the last 3 years with over 150 websites hosted purely for SEO purposes. I am expanding the blog network as I go along working on my projects. So far, I never had an issue with footprints or even search engines deindexing my sites. The IPs you get are always a unique per project, and workflow is super easy and fast comparing to the traditional way of setting up a separate unique web host for each website.

When you compare the time spent on going to find a reliable inexpensive web host, purchasing an account, installing CMS or page builder, setting up a website with theme and important plugins, etc.

I mean, it’s a lot of work to do that for each PBN (private blog network) website you’ve got when you run and work on serious SEO projects. And by “serious” I mean competing with high competition and algorithms at the same time.

When you are a beginner starting with a few, perhaps 15 – 25 PBN blogs, you can easily get away with setting up the separate hosts all the time, but once you get to 100 blogs and web hosting accounts then it starts to be a little bit complicated, challenging, and more than anything expensive.


Is Easy Blog Networks Worth It?

Save on PBN web hosting

Save Thousands of Dollars Every Year on PBN Web Hosting

And here is the main challenge that we just tackled, and it’s budget for SEO. From my own experiences starting with less than $50 monthly web hosting budget and going to over $1000 per month in SEO web hosting expenses, I think I know what I talk about.

It can get really rough when you are starting out and do not have a steady cash flow to reinvest some back into your business. And if you are competitive and want to achieve goals no matter what like me, it could do more harm than good, since SEO is really and only the LONG-TERM INVESTMENT into your business.

With Easy Blog Networks (EBN) I cut the cost of PBN web hosting down to $200 per month, hosting around 150 websites, which gives me even more sites unique IP for 5 times less than what I would have paid.

It’s a minimum of 5x in savings and 50% more PBN sites available for your SEO.


Save Hours of Time Creating and Deploying Your PBNs

This is a big deal for me. As a one-man-band entrepreneur, time becomes a supercritical commodity. As I mentioned earlier, Easy Blog Networks save you so much time on setting up each site/blog as well. To buy a new web hosting and set up everything until you can start publishing content it takes to a professional about half an hour per each blog, and presuming that there could be some delays in setup and email service, potentially it could be more.

When setting up a blog on EBN, it takes about 2 – 3 minutes for an absolute beginner. In 3 minutes you’ve got a website with a unique blog theme, pre-set settings, and preinstalled important plugins helping with SEO and other critical factors.

Now, do I use only EBN for my PBN sites?

Of course not.

What I like to do is always diverse or dilute as much as possible so there is almost no pattern or a footprint that some SEO is being done. So I still use and buy more other web hosts, but thanks to EBN my monthly web hosting costs were cut down significantly.

My overall conclusion is that Easy Blog Networks is one of the best web hosting services for PBNs.

Easy Blog Networks hosting free trial

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