EBN Best SEO web hosting for PBN

EBN – Best SEO Web Hosting For Your PBN

Introducing Easy Blog Networks

Best SEO Web Hosting for PBN

EBN or Easy Blog Networks launched in 2014 by a remote company called Niteo, is perhaps one of the best, safest, and cost-effective SEO web hosting services on the internet. As mentioned, EBN was created by online marketers and SEO experts that were looking for better SEO web hosting solutions for their own websites/businesses like myself or you.

So the team came up with EBN, which is basically a large network of dozens even hundreds of reliable web hosting companies in one pool. With just a few clicks you can have your PBN blog with a unique web host and IP address up and running. It takes literally about 2 minutes to go from not having anything to publishing your first article to your blog. The software behind EBN automates some of the boring time-consuming processes that you’d have to do anyway spending the extra time each time you get a new PBN blog.

It installs WordPress on your domain, which is the most popular website builder for the last decade. Then you select the plugins which you want, and it randomly generates a unique theme for your blog that fits the criteria of PBN to regain the most SEO juice power.

Then all you need to do is to just go to your domain registrar (the website where you registered your domain), and you must update the nameservers for your domain which you obtain from your EBN account under the website’s info, and simply copy and paste.

Save money and time with EBN.

Learn more by reading our Easy Blog Networks review.

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What Is SEO Web Hosting?

In the previous article about web hosting, I’ve been sharing the best and most reliable web hosting companies for your main/business website where many web hosting factors play a big role in gaining visibility in search engines. And more visibility is what every business on the planet wants.

Today I am going to talk about the best SEO web hosting for intermediate or advanced digital marketers. Meaning that if you are a beginner who doesn’t plan to play Big SEO right from the start, you probably do not need to read any further, but if you have ambitions stick with the reading of this article.

For years there were going on debates and speculations about what is the best SEO web hosting and what is bad SEO web hosting, but in my opinion and from my experience it comes down to this.

Every web hosting company that manages their servers and keeps them clean of spam or mass marketing is a good SEO web host for your private blog network (PBN). But it’s a very time-consuming tedious work to find and get tens or hundreds of shared web hosting accounts, not mentioning the recurring cost out of your pocket.

So that’s why some clever marketers who were sick of spending hours and thousands of dollars every month in order to manage a couple of hundreds of blogs, put together the system that would allow them to decrease the cost and time spent significantly down.


What Is PBN?

As I already mentioned PBN is basically a website in a form of a blog, with several unique and informative articles concentrated around the related topic to your main website/business/niche. PBN is not just any kind of website but carefully researched, picked, and analyzed aged domain that once was a real website or business, and still have good strong backlinks linking to the homepage.

Search engines will view this website as an authority compared to a site with no backlinks and history, making it by default more powerful in terms of SEO and SE rankings. One very important tip when acquiring PBNs is to check the screenshot archive of the site to know if it’s been truly a real business or just a spammy site filled with junk, you don’t want that. Another important advice is to build your PBN as if it was a real website with quality content on it.

With all these tips you will ensure that the PBN will be successful and powerful.


Does Web Hosting Affect SEO?

How Does Web Hosting Affect SEO

The quick answer to this question would be Yes. But then we ask other questions such as, how does web hosting affects my website’s SEO which I’ll try to explain a little bit, make it short and simple.

Here are the main points that should be considered when choosing a good SEO web hosting:

  1. The quality and speed of the servers have a direct effect on website page speed and load time therefore also your website’s SEO.
  2. Up to date software such as cPanel and a new version of PHP.
  3. Strong security against malicious attacks in place.
  4. SSL secure certificate for your website (HTTP to HTTPS).
  5. Regular maintenance of servers to make sure that they are not getting overwhelmed by attacks or too many users.

These 5 main points how could the web hosting affects your website’s SEO, and it should not be taken lightly. You could spend thousands of hours and dollars on SEO but if you pick a bad web host, rankings would stagnate, and all that hard work would seem pointless.


DIY SEO For Small Business Owners

DIY SEO for small business owners

If you own a small business and have a website, you will definitely want to work on SEO in some way even if starting slow. Many SEO companies are good at client hunting and persuasion and they charge easily somewhere between $500 to $20 000 per month for their SEO services, which for a small business owner who just gets by making $1000, $1500, or $2000 per month isn’t really an option even if choosing the lowest package available.

So the next available option is to Do It Yourself, and many small business owners do. The only thing is that it’s a long journey and your business most likely won’t rank for hundreds of related keywords in 2 months, but rather 8 to 14 months if you do everything right.

SEO is a very tedious work process that requires time and patience, constant testing and monitoring, and properly implementing the strategies that work, so of course, charging $2000 to a small or medium business client for SEO isn’t really far fetched and many business owners understand it.

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