How to identify Reliable web hosting

How to Identify a Good and Reliable Web Hosting Company


Having a reliable Web Hosting for your business website with close to 100% uptime, is very important. If the web hosting company has poor security and management of their servers, your website could suffer unwanted consequences. There a few common issues that could badly affect your website such as, can’t connect to the server errors, malicious hack attacks, misconfiguration, footprints, blacklisted IPs, etc.

So as you see choosing a good web hosting company is super important not just for security but also for web page load speed, meaning how fast their servers are when serving your website to visitors. Speed is especially important for organic rankings of the website in search engines.

But how to find a good web hosting?

How to identify Reliable web hosting

Honestly, the only way how to know if the web hosting company fits the criteria is to actually test it for about a year, see what data you got from different tests. The good news is that you don’t have to do it yourself if you don’t want to, and just learn from others who already did and do the tests to find the best web hosting company for themselves like me.

Over the past couple of years, I have been hosting with dozens of different hosts to identify the best and most reliable ones. When doing digital marketing, web development, and SEO it’s critical.

Now, as I mentioned, there a few main criteria that usually identify a solid company:

  • New Fast servers with SSD storage or newer
  • cPanel with Up to Date apps and a new u to date version of PHP language.
  • Helpful and responsive Support

List of the Best Web Hosting Companies

Out of these three, I probably prefer the most SiteGround, but A2Hosting is also very good loaded with the newest super-fast servers and it’s also a bit cheaper than SiteGround. BlueHost is like a golden standard middle when comparing Quality vs Price.

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