GrooveMember Review

GrooveMember is another amazing piece of software accessible under GrooveFunnels apps! And yes, it has all to do with membership websites. Meaning, building membership sites, grow membership sites, and managing membership sites.

GrooveMember allows you to build a membership site on a professional scale without any other external software or tool. You are able to choose membership access levels based on customized criteria that you like or prefer, offering full flexibility and control over your membership and what’s happening on site.

GrooveMember app review

It’s also worth mentioning here that GrooveMember is a brand new software so it’s at the moment in the beta stage of development.

Membership is a bit different from traditional website selling stuff, and it can be approached from many angles, depending on what the membership website is all about. So the question to ask is –

“Why should anyone join my membership site?”

That is a very important question because if you don’t give people what they want you are going to run into the trouble with this type of online business. There are many factors that you have to figure out and get right such as type of content, style, pricing structure, free trials, no free trials, free basic membership level, upgrades, upsells, and a lot more. There is a lot to learn when starting a membership website since it’s a lot of real people that you serve by offering the quality and valuable content, information, or whatever you think could be a good value to customers.

But once you figure this out it can be a pretty rewarding type of business that could gain good profits since it’s based around monthly subscription low fee. If you are a bit skeptical, to get a proof that this strategy works, just look at the huge multibillion-dollar businesses like Netflix offering motion pictures for a small monthly subscription fee, or the huge newspaper media like NY Times, or popular magazines such as National Geographic or Mindful. I can tell you right away that these huge giant businesses wouldn’t be doing this if it didn’t work. Actually, on the contrary, they do it because it’s highly effective, but only if done right. I know this because for the last few years I’ve been building and growing a membership site myself and there were many things that I did wrong at that time. But I really wanted to figure it out and I luckily came across the training course that showed me exactly what I needed to know and what was missing in order to build a successful and profitable membership website. It’s called the Membership Method and you can learn more about the course by reading this article about How to Build Membership Websites that Make Money.

So here you have the brilliant tool that gives you all the flexibility you need to create and manage your membership website and the super relevant high quality over the shoulder training course from one of the top online entrepreneurs with over 20 years of experience. Just to mention, the GrooveMember app is built by experienced digital marketers with 20+ years of experience as well. The app is just incredibly simple to use and carries the all-important features to build a fully functional membership website generating leads, members, and recurring sales almost on autopilot.

I can tell that back in a day when I was creating my first membership website there haven’t been many tools and apps to use, specifically those that would work. And even if things so so worked, the software would be missing some important features that I wanted my membership website to have.

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