GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels vs Kartra

GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels vs Kartra – What’s the Difference

The reason why I vote for GrooveFunnels and not Kartra or ClickFunnels is not that these online marketing tools all do the same but I want to convince you to believe otherwise, that it’s so different and best digital marketing tool on the internet. I get the reasons why some people are doing that but that is not my style at all. I like smart and easy to use online tools that truly bring value to my business and when I find some really great ones for a good value of price, I like to share with others. There is nothing really much else than I am a bad liar. ;-p

So here is an honest comparison review of GrooveFunnels versus ClickFunnels.


ClickFunnels and GrooveFunnels Comparison

GrooveFunnels vs ClickFunnels vs Kartra

I have used ClickFunnels for a little bit since 2018 until the beginning of this year, but I still used more WordPress with its kinda complicated plugins to create decent looking landing pages or sales funnels, it got really frustrating sometimes. With that said ClickFunnels was the way to go since the software dashboard had almost everything there and it wasn’t too complicated either. But to be fair for the price of a basic package of $97 and a level higher $297 a month, it seemed to be pretty high for what I get out of it.

On the other hand, the ClickFunnels software works and it gets an important part of marketing done for business and that’s what counts and what every marketer wants. And again, taking the opposite, if you can downsize the cost of your business marketing then it counts too. And that’s what GrooveFunnels did, they pretty much gave and set the new web development & digital marketing standards allowing even absolute beginners to easily create a professional-looking and fully functioning website and manage it themselves.

ClickFunnels is still good software, and it has its own massive audience and customer base which proves it. The certain flaws and pitfalls with wrong errors still arise, but it’s like this with every complicated and highly demandable app. ClickFunnels is a bit slower at times in my opinion, maybe because at peak times when there are high use and demand on the algorithm code, but the pages definitely load slower than with GroovePages – (part of the GrooveFunnels toolbox).

This directly brings me to the next software tool called GroovePages which is one app inside the GrooveFunnels account. Their pages load extremely fast, even with all beautiful high-resolution graphics and videos embedded on-page, it’s truly incredible. The simple test has shown the highest score on Google Page Insights Tool out of ClickFunnels, WordPress (without heavy plugins and content, freshly installed), GroovePages website had the highest score of over 90% every time, no matter how many times we tried that.

This huge step has been allegedly achieved by implementing the different algorithms and coding technology than other tools where a lot of them still run on bootstrap technology developed 11 years ago by Twitter.

But that’s not a point for the average online marketer who understands that by just increasing the speed of the web page loading you increase the rankings in the search engines that are very much using the user experience as a high ranking factor for web pages. So just accounting that, it’s a massive advantage from others, no brainer!

And what’s even more mindblowing is that at the moment of this world pandemic and economic Crashdown, everyone can get GroovePages for free also along with free GrooveSell account as a bonus. Over one year ago when I pounded my money on the table and backed this project with many others to become alive, I didn’t know that it’s going to be such a big success.



To sum it up, GF software is perfect for business owners or basically anyone who wants to build and manage their online presence without spending a lot of money for web developers. Intermediate or advanced online marketers can also benefit once seeing its potential in the full spectrum. GF is also a little bit better for SEO and it’s definitely much faster allowing the better user experience (UX). But I think the biggest dealbreaker is the significant difference in price, especially for now because it’s FREE! Or if someone wishes to upgrade, they can do so for a one-time fee of $497 or a 3-month payment plan, which gives full unlimited and unrestricted access to GrooveFunnels, and that is insane!

I happily paid $497 once and then had to wait a whole year to try out and test GrooveFunnels/GroovePages, now you just pay once and have access to the software right away!


Or take a $497 one time offer


Kartra and Click Funnels

I have not really tested Kartra that much since I have a freshly created account about 2 weeks ago and very little spare time :-p, but because I want to give a real opinion on Kartra as well, there will be a little waiting time for this, so bear with me, please.

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