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CopyPro Review

What if you had a sales funnel copy for every business industry and angle of marketing?

And What if I told you that you could have this all for the price of a month worth of rent or a cheap used car?

Introducing CopyPro AI, the ONLY software on the market of this caliber in this category that generates copy after copy with a click of a button, the funnel copies that only 7 and 8-figure copywriters like Jon Benson can do. 

First, I would like to say that I very rarely review and recommend push-button automation software because honestly most of them aren’t that good and helpful.

But some are, and CopyPro is absolutely one of them.

I accidentally stumbled upon this tool because it’s offered with a big discount to GrooveFunnels members, and after watching the webinar with Jon Benson talking about the software and copywriting profession I got hooked.

The main reason is that I know how time-consuming it can be to write a good copy for all your email newsletter sequence, VSL, sales funnel, blog, etc.

And I am definitely not a famous copywriter so there’s still not any guarantee that all the hard work will pay off.

Or you could hire a professional copywriter like Jon himself, they’ll surely gonna do the incredible job, but their fees go well into 5 or 6 figures, so there is no way a small business owner could afford that.

The last option and final solution is CopyPro AI.

So, let’s answer some frequent questions regarding the tool and its creator.

Who is Jon Benson?


Jon Benson also called the Billion-Dollar-Copywriter the “living legend”, is one of the most famous and highest-paid copywriters in the world working with massive companies requiring his unique sales copywriting skills.

He is truly a veteran in the online copywriting world being around since the early 2000s.

All you need to do is just Google the name and you can find a lot of information about Jon and his career as one of the best copywriters in the world.

Jon Benson’s teaching, is like a holy grail of marketing, literally.


What is CopyPro AI?

CopyPro AI software

CopyPro AI software is really one of its kind. It’s Jon’s 25 years of knowledge and skills as a world-famous copywriter organized and transferred into one tool.

It’s totally normal to be skeptical every time you hear about automation software doing everything with a few clicks, believe me.

But once you actually see the CopyPro in action and read through every copy it generates, I promise that you’ll be amazed, just like the famous online marketer Ryan Deiss was when he saw this software in action.

With each click, you get a unique email copy written in a specific way and personalized for your business niche and industry to maximize the conversions and profit from your sales copy.

Oh, almost forgot to mention that CopyPro AI technology covers every single business industry and niche that exists.

Email Marketing (Hyper) Funnels



Everybody probably knows what email marketing and funnels are and that it’s one of the most effective ways to generate leads, connect with prospects and clients, and of course make some profit.

But if any of you have tried email marketing, whether you were writing the copy yourself or used some cheap pre-written copy from someone else, you’d probably know that the conversion is a BIG issue.

In fact, conversions are usually terrible.

And it’s all down to the copy.

People are being bombarded with emails all day long, so you really have to come up with something unique to stand out of the crowd and catch everyone’s attention.

That’s what the world’s best copywriters do very well, that’s why they are best right?

But to hire a world-class copywriter would be way too expensive for 99% of business owners. So they must either spend at least 10 years and learn it themselves, but who has time for that, or continue doing what they do and get the results they’ve always got.

Well, up until NOW.

You see, CopyPro AI literally replaces the costly 6-figure copywriter, and all you have to do is fill in few details and click a few buttons.

But it gets even better because Jon Benson is one of the first people who started using VSL (video sales letter) and funnel email sequences specifically designed for the highest conversion rates.

And also he created something super cool that he calls “Hyper Funnel”.

What Is a Hyper Funnel?

In a few words, Hyper Funnel is an automated conversion funnel that is designed to sell more and faster, covering every little base detail.

Here is in a nutshell what’s needed for a Hyper Funnel and associated costs:

What is Hyper Funnel

These are real costs if you were going to outsource the work to an average professional marketer.

Again, the CopyPro AI tool will do all the above for pennies on a dollar, no joke or exaggeration.


How CopyPro Works?

CopyPro database consists of the proven high converting copies from the best copywriters on the planet that you can use for yourself without paying anything to anyone, thanks to Jon Benson.

It works on a basis of fill-in-blank templates and is able to regenerate an unlimited amount of unique copies just as if they were written by a professional copywriter.

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