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Guaranteed Results with ROI?

Why and How Are We Different?

# 1 main thing that makes OnlineParadigms.com different from other digital marketing agencies is that our strategies are 100% proven to work and actually deliver results almost immediately thanks to our unique partnership with the high authority online press news agencies such as CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, and for serious businesses we can even offer publication in Yahoo Finance News and Reuters.

This is huge, especially to quickly gain the recognition and acknowledgment of the business online, and it’s also the best way to grow the reputation of the business.

We understand that the authority and reputation is becoming more important for all kinds of businesses year by year, and we would like to help businesses to achieve their goals by studying the business’s needs and implementing our personalized marketing plan tailored just for that specific business.

Welcome to the New Business Success Paradigm

Transparency, Trust, and Compound Interest

The Growth vs Decrease of Digital and Traditional Marketing

digital marketing growth

Benefits of Our Online Marketing Services


Here I explain all of the possible benefits of using our digital marketing services for your business. All of the facts come from our years of testing, experimenting and implementing various SEO strategies.

But at the end Google is the Big Boss here and they are from time to time changing and updating their algorithm, so we have to keep up with them.

P.S. Please, Don’t believe people who tell you that they Play the Google (outsmart). Nobody except them knows what they are up to and exactly What are their preferences in ranking websites in their search engine. But some experts like us know very close through constant research, analysis, and testing.

Online Paradigms Digital Marketing Services

Brand Authority and Reputation Management:

  • Brand Searches – This is one huge and overlooked benefit for businesses that our services can deliver. This simply means that once we implement our promotion strategies, your website will grow its authority and becomes important in the mysterious Google’s Eyes. Then Google’s algorithm kicks in, gives the website big thumb up and starts displaying in their search bar the search suggestions along with your business brand.
  • Authority and Good Look – As seen on Fox, NBC, ABC,  and many other high authority official local news sites plus high authority blogs.


As Seen on News


Reach Google News and Media:

  • Reach Google News – Not only that your business will get on the 1st page of Google Guaranteed, but also your website will reach Google News and other huge media within matter of hours, already generating real people’s traffic to your website.
  • Google Alerts & Journalism – Another great way of gaining extra publicity. There are many bloggers and journalists out there who use various big content media like Associated Press and tools like Google Alerts to generate content to publish on their web properties.


Google news visibility


Grow Traffic and Visibility:

  • Google Maps and 3-Pack (HUGE!) – We totally guarantee to get your business into the Google 3-Pack with Google map for local businesses. How long it takes can vary somewhere from 1-8 months.
  • 1st Page Google Rankings – Getting your business brand website on the front page of Google for the all and most lucrative keywords in your business industry is the long-term key potential of using our digital marketing services (1-6 months). But your business will be visible and start receiving traffic from the first day (approx. 24- 48 hours).
  • Multiple Keywords Visibility – From the day one, all the Press Releases that we put out with the direct link to your business website start ranking on the first page of Google and Google News for multiple keywords. Long-term visibility gains and rankings of your business website come after a period of time, which is for each business niche and industry different.


online traffic growth


How It Works?

As everyone probably knows by now, we like and embrace transparency in business because it’s what makes and keeps happiness on both sides along with great meaningful relationships.

Here is a quick summary and overview of what happens when you hire our online marketing services.

  1. Fill in the quick form where we ask a few important questions about your business.
  2. Successfully submit and process the payment (we use PayPal)
  3. Wait for 36 – 72 hours for us to get back to you with first initial results and more info about your business (analysis and research report)
  4. You Decide whether you want to work with Us or not, no obligations whatsoever cancel anytime.
  5. You either become our Happy Client or we each go separate ways, no hard feelings.

Once you order our services and successful payment went through, we start working on your case almost immediately and you will be able to see the first results within 24 – 48 hours.

How Amazing is That?


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