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What Are the Key Differences for YouTube SEO vs Traditional SEO?

What is the difference in SEO on popular sites such as YouTube and SEO for a personal website, is a quite common question that many people ask. Therefore I answered this question on Quora, and also placed it here on Online Paradigms blog.

Also, another question is, what SEO services are the most effective and how the effectiveness is being measured. Although it’s kind of complicated to answer this question straight forward, I did my best to do so.


There are little differences but in general, it’s the same SEO process/practice.

What is the same:

  1. You still need backlinks – the higher quality the better. (YouTube video embeds on the authority websites or anchor text linked to a video/website)
  2. Real visitors/views on your videos/website + dwell time on your video or website (how many visits/views and diversity of different IP addresses + how long the visitor spends watching your video or browsing your website = the longer the better)
  3. The interactions on your videos or websites (If the visitor takes action on your video or website = Call to Action, conversion)

The algorithms are so smart that they track all of this and more in order to determine the importance and quality of your content to move you up in search engines.

Perhaps, the only key difference is that YouTube videos rank faster in search engines even with reasonably young YouTube channel, since they are hosted on YouTube domain with high Domain Authority of almost 100.

New websites take much longer to rank because they need to gain domain authority and trust first.


Which SEO services measure the effectiveness of the service?

Most importantly the services that deliver results over some period of time, and giving the daily or weekly reports and analysis of the site to see improvements in visibility and rankings.

How long it takes to get results depends on the level of competition and SEO skills.

Business owners should understand the process and that SEO is a long term investment that pays off in the future, and consistency is very important. (Not to try SEO for 2 months and quit for 1 month and again)

Naturally, when the website/business becomes popular over the internet, it consistently grows in mentions, backlinks, and traffic – and the key is to simulate and replicate the natural growth and create such thing as a snowball effect.

Remember, beginnings are always hardest and slowest with new and freshly optimized sites.

Just a Hint:

I personally go and test the things on my own websites and other web properties, and things that work for me I offer to others since I know that this strategy works NOW.

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