The Best Way to Get Organic Traffic to Your Blog

The Best Way to Get Organic Traffic to Your Blog

The Best Way to Get Organic Traffic to Your Blog

backlinks and traffic

Good Question!

And the quickest answer is YES, backlinks Help.

But it depends what kind of backlinks, as those MUST be coming from high-authority sites in order to give the authority boost to your site.

Quality valuable content is very important, I am glad to hear that you invest time and/or money to produce the kind of content that other people will appreciate.

But, although it’s the first very important step, if you do not get right the next one it’s all for nothing because nobody’s gonna find and see that great content you created (videos, audio podcasts, articles, images…).

It’s Marketing and Promotion using various techniques like SEO, Social Media, Reputation Management, Paid Advertising etc.

If both of the steps aren’t done right it’s always going to struggle somewhere.

  1. Provide Good valuable or entertaining content on a regular basis
  2. Solid Marketing Strategy (SEO, social media marketing, and maybe some low budget paid ads to get the initial traffic, Facebook would do just fine)

The quality/authority/Power of Backlinks is still one of the main ranking factors that Google or other search engines look at because it truly is the best way to determine the importance of the website or other web property, since the best highest quality backlinks are hardest to get, many times impossible for a small guy.

There are a couple of ways how to get high-quality backlinks, which costs time and money.

The BEST WAY how to get traffic to your blog is to start building backlinks to your website on regular basis, and definitely, you should get a YouTube channel and start regularly publishing videos too. Video Marketing is big in these days and only grows every year.


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