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The Best Keyword Research Content Writing Strategy (Quora)

The Best Keyword Research Content Writing Strategy (Quora)

How can I do content writing keyword research without a paid programme or website?

Well, it may sound a little bit complicated and time-consuming, but the strategy I personally use is as follows.

  1. Know the main keyword
  2. Do the search in Google for the main keyword
  3. Go and research the results that appear in the first top 10
  4. Read through the articles and copy some paragraphs or take notes instantly
  5. Once you have about 1000 words, in at least 10 paragraphs, then read through again but this time, rewrite each paragraph into your own words.

This is a good way to get some ideas around the topic that you don’t know much about, plus you are training your On-Topic writing skills.

It seems hard from the start but with practice, it gets easier.

Also, it helps to learn and understand what kind of content Google prefers and rewards with first page rankings, so you can replicate that and do the better job.

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Can I get search engine traffic by only writing articles?

Yes, but those articles need to be published somewhere, and preferably somewhere where it’s worth it, and where people going to find them and read them.

That’s the reason why people like me do SEO. You need to find or create the right opportunities where to publish your articles or hire someone (like me) who’s going to take care of that.

But without already well-established website with high authority and trust, you need to implement SEO and build up to the point when you are going to have the big following and trust from search engines.

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