SEO Services Sligo

Effective SEO Services for Local Businesses in Sligo, Noth West Ireland

What a good web designer misses, a good SEO expert takes care of. I would eve argue that search engine optimization is much more important than if your website looks pretty because in most cases it’s pretty just to your own eyes and maybe your husband, wife, kids, or grandma.

Having the website fully optimized and ready for search engines like Google or Bing, YouTube or Facebook, basically, any huge website with millions of monthly users is in a way search engine where people search for their queries. While some are more specific and others more general, some focusing on visual aspects and properties like images and videos (Instagram, YouTube), others are more product based like Amazon, and others general like Google. At the end of the day, these search engines all serve the one purpose, User Experience, and Satisfaction.

Now talking about local businesses the most important search engines are Google, Bing, Yelp, and believe it or not, YouTube!

These are 4 main ones that every local business should focus on with the most important one being Google, and that’s what we are going to talk about a little bit more.

Google My Business, Google Maps, Google Organic Searches, and Google Ads

These are 4 areas where your business can be and should be displayed and all the information properly filled in giving the Google signal that your business is real and serious about letting the customers find you. It could be a tediously slow process to do this all 100% but it’s absolutely critical for further SEO tasks and overall success.

Google takes really extra steps to verify the real businesses from online marketers who are just attempting to hijack valuable traffic to their online properties, which I believe is a good thing, especially for a serious business owner putting the time and effort to attract more and better customers.

Google Maps listing with the verified business address is super important for ongoing SEO Development.

Google My Business profile and page completed with all the information about the business.

These two give a massive advantage from the businesses that do not have this in place, and maybe just have the website. It naturally helps with organic rankings in maps and below listings.

SEO can be very tricky and requires a good amount of experience, focus, and mostly patience.