Should I Learn SEO of Hire an Expert to Do It for Me?

Should I Learn SEO of Hire an Expert to Do It for Me?

Should I Learn SEO of Hire an Expert to Do It for Me?

I believe that this is a very important question that many beginning or established business owners ask themselves. And that is precisely the reason why I decided to include the answer to this question on my blog. This question has been originally posted on Quora, where anyone can ask me anything about business, online marketing, and personal development.

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The answer really depends on how much keen are you to learn SEO and how much of your time you are willing to invest (SEO is never ending study of testing, analyzing, and implementing what works, and it could be a run on the long track).

It’s a business just like any other. The experienced builder building a house didn’t become a skilled builder with all the knowledge on how to build the house overnight, or weeks, not even months! But rather over the years of repetition and learning, always trying to do the best.

It’s the same with Online Marketing.

So the question to ask yourself is, “Am I willing to invest my time and money to learn SEO and possibly do some mistakes and failures along the way?” or “Does my current business/website need immediate attention and reasonably fast results in terms of SEO?”

If there is an existing business that already makes some money or has a big potential in making you money, and you need to take manage and care of the business on a daily basis, then doing learning and doing SEO yourself probably wouldn’t make much sense, and you would go better hire some expert to do it for you.

But if you have plenty of time and do not rush anywhere with your business, then there is no reason why not to start learning the valuable skill like SEO.

I Hope this gives you some points and ideas so you can answer this question yourself.

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Online marketing and SEO are still very early professions and studies, so when learning the skill one has to rely on own ability to be able to process and analyze a lot of information as nothing in search engine optimization world is straight forward by the book.

Search Engines like Google are not giving away the Ultimate Guide to SEO and succeed every time. They only give the small and partial amount of information to people just to keep the game going and attract more paying advertisers to their network, and providing the best user experience to keep those paying champs.


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