Should Every Business Do Online Marketing or Not?!

Should Every Business Do Online Marketing or Not?!

Should Every Business Do Online Marketing or Not?!

“That is the Question!”

But the answer is never only one way straight, whether every business must implement online/digital marketing into their business promotion advertising efforts. But all that I can tell is to come from my own experience and kind of research analytical mind to find and see patterns in life processes, the everchanging progress of our evolution.

Business and marketing have been around since ever, the beginning of time, some scientists say, but we could probably easily argue about that since none of us probably remember the beginning of time.

But the important fact is that we are in nature build that way, to exchange or trade goods, knowledge, information, skills, etc.

So to me when someone asks me if they should do some sort of digital marketing for their business, I say without a doubt absolutely Yes! ..and when they ask what form of marketing I tell them ALL!


The Biggest Benefit of “Digital Marketing” Over Other Ways of Marketing

digital marketing SEO benefits


Several years ago I realized the power of digital marketing and most importantly the affordability to do it!

With online marketing, whether doing paid advertising or SEO, anyone, even the starting small businesses, can do so gradually with a reasonably small budget compared to other ways of marketing business.

How much could cost one month of promo advertising in TV commercials or The regional newspapers just for example?


Probably tens of thousands of dollars or euros.

And there is not really way around it then pay.

Some businesses can do door-to-door mail drops to advertise their business and brand, but it’s not really for everyone, and it still costs more than what any business owner can do online.

But of course, the little disclaimer is that it takes TIME to build a solid online presence of a business, especially when talking about SEO.

Things can obviously go faster with a higher budget, but it still takes time.


“Not Enough of Money Can Buy You Enough of Time!”

money and time


Some minimal investment is always required, and the amount depends if you will do the marketing yourself or hire someone to do marketing for you.

And again, the Do-It-Yourself approach is going to be slower and will require more time than hiring an expert.

So there is no right or wrong answer.

It all depends on the individual situation of individual business owners, how big advertising budget they have and what approach they choose to focus on: SEO – paid advertising; DIY – DFY.


Beating the Big Business Brands

digital marketing skills and experience


Since I started learning digital marketing, mostly SEO, I’ve been trying, researching, and testing different strategies and see a lot in search engine optimization space.

One of the most eye-opening moments for me was when I achieved my own successes with SEO organic ranking and generating targeted traffic, was when I sometimes over ranked and beat big businesses and long established brands with a 7-figure budget, and yet my website is ranking before them.

So what’s my intake from this is that even small starting business with a small marketing budget can make a huge difference in their business if it’s focused on the right strategy for long enough.

I’ve been a witness of it many times, and it can literally transform peoples lives.

But without the effort of hard work, strong belief, the right focus, and patience, nothing that is worthy of success can be done.


online marketing budget


If you or your business is looking for someone to take care of online marketing, just contact us at support [@], or go to this page and tell us a little bit about your business so we can fully evaluate the work that needs to be done for the reasonable rates.

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