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What is SEO and SEO Specialist Definition

SEO Specialist

SEO can be sometimes described in very complicated language full of secrets and magic, but none of that will be described in the next few paragraphs.

In order to understand what is SEO and what tasks have to SEO specialist perform in order to be effective and deliver results, we must clearly understand what actually is Search Engine Optimization and why it’s so important for the profitable future of many businesses.

What’s the Main Point of SEO?

The main point of the whole search engine optimization is to move the website up in the search engine, and achieve as many first page rankings as possible, for as many targeted keywords and phrases as possible, by providing and distributing quality content that someone else may find helpful.

How Are those 1st Page Rankings Achieved with SEO?

It’s probably simple to understand to everyone.

But how are those rankings on the first pages of search engines achieved is another thing?

All the displayed results in Google or any other search engine are called organic searches. It happens so, when companies, businesses, bloggers or individuals like you and me develop a website with content, or any other web channel or social media account, and Google uses that content to display in their algorithmic searches. Search engines use other peoples content to attract traffic and visitors to their advertising.

It’s that Simple!

Their algorithm determines which website delivers the best results for the user by looking onto many factors that the SEO Specialist like me is constantly checking and figuring out by constant testing and analyzing.


SEO Specialist Job Description

SEO specialist job description

As mentioned above, SEO specialist or expert is developing the strategies to achieve these 1st-page rankings.

There are a few ways how it can be done, but all lead to creating a lot of buzz online through various content marketing strategies.

The main task of the SEO specialist is to build backlinks to the main website.

There are many ways how to build backlinks, but they always must be of a good quality. The main strategy to obtain such good backlink is to contact other webmasters, bloggers, business owners if they can publish your article or video on their website with the link back to your site.

Of course, this is not as easy as it sounds, and many will not even reply or will want more money than you’d expect to pay. That’s why the role of SEO specialist is important here since he or she should have already established SEO strategies and techniques to do this effectively and efficiently for the clients who do not have the time or a will to learn everything about SEO themselves.



returm on investment marketing services

ROI from SEO really depends on what kind of business it is and whether it’s been already established and running or a brand new.

Usually, the businesses can expect the positive ROI after the first 6 – 10 months, depends on the level of competition.


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