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Hi, I am Miro Leppelt, founder and SEO expert at

Before I introduce myself and start talking about Search Engine Optimization and how important it is for any business, I would like to address 3 main rules that must be kept and respected, and those are Transparency, Truth, & Trust.

Without knowing client’s desires and goals, and anything else about the business, we cannot fully help, since our SEO and marketing services are very personalized, that’s why anything we do is very effective.

Miro’s expertise in SEO comes from many years of testing, trial and error experiments, and keen to learn how SEO really works using various blogging and content marketing techniques, as well as social media marketing strategies to grow multiple social media brand channels like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter, and depending on the type of business one becomes the priority channel.

For the last couple of years, I paid a lot of attention to YouTube and built many successful YouTube channels with thousands of subscribers. Video marketing is becoming year by year more important, and businesses that successfully implemented Video SEO marketing into their marketing portfolio are benefiting from our highly effective SEO strategies.


Local SEO Marketing

local business SEO marketing

One of the most useful areas of Online Marketing and SEO is Local Business SEO. Any kind of established business whether it’s a traditional brick and mortar type of business or local services such as plumbing, handyman, cleaning services etc, search engine optimization is the great long-term investment for business growth.

It’s hard to tell the exact number of more customers or profit in the first couple of months as it entirely depends on so many factors, the type of business, area, what product or services the business offers and what are the special offers or discounts etc.

For example, the businesses in the city like Dublin will get more customers and higher customer value than a smaller town.

Anyone interested in learning more just go to our Free SEO Analysis page and answer a few simple questions about your business and you will receive a complimentary report within 72 hours.



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