Keyword Research & What is Google Search Ranking Algorithm

Keyword Research & What is Google Search Ranking Algorithm

How to Add Keywords to My Content for Ranking in Search Engines?

When trying to rank for keywords in search engines there are a few factors to consider when creating and publishing the content on the internet.

You should always build your content around the “easy to rank, low competition keywords”. In most of the cases, those are long-tail keywords that consist of more than 3 words and are specific.

The most important is to always include your keyword in the title of your post or video.

You can include different variations or synonyms of the keyword in the main body of the article, but it’s becoming less and less important whether you include your exact match keyword in the article body or not.

Longer and quality informative articles tend to rank much better in the search engines (2000 – 3000 words), but it’s not 100% rule.

The great and free keyword research tool is Google Keyword Planner as many mentioned already, but for the ordinary small marketer the quality of the tool has decreased, unless you are spending a lot of money with Google Ads (former AdWords) the keyword data you get is very broad and inaccurate to follow. People who spend a lot of money on advertising get much more accurate data. Again, it’s to attract more people to spend on Google ads.

But one very good Keyword Research tool that I use and is very accurate and useful is Keyword Titan by Jon Leger. It’s a paid tool, based on subscription, but it really does a great job.

See the KW tool below:

SEO Tools – Keyword Tool, Rank Tracker & More!

Keyword research and ranking



What is Search Engine Algorithm?

In a short, algorithm is lines of code constantly learning and trying to deliver the best search results based on user experience, backlink profile, and quality of content. It’s an automated AI that determines what you see in the top of the organic searches for any particular keyword or phrase.

In a nutshell, Search Engine Marketing is a subcategory of Internet Marketing.

You can view the Internet/Online Marketing as the main category of marketing online under which we can subcategorize the SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, basically any way of online advertising and promotion including social media and paid ads.

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