Is It Worth It Financially to Start a YouTube Channel?

Is It Worth It Financially to Start a YouTube Channel?

Is It Worth It Financially to Start a YouTube Channel?

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I always say that “the Sooner You Start on Youtube, the Better” and I will explain Why.

The reason that it’s not worth it starting a YouTube channel, which someone mentioned, is absolutely legit.

“It Does take time to build a popular youtube channel with solid video creation and marketing strategy, but at the end of the day it’s definitely worth it!”

I always say, just imagine 3 years back after you started your Youtube channel and been active, gained a lot of subscribers, views, etc., that You from some reason you didn’t do it. You would have nothing now, no channel, no

loyal subscribers, no valuable experience, none of that.

YouTube is the most popular video platform and everyone in the world watches it, whether it’s DIY videos on how to improve your garden, to complex instructional tutorials and manuals on almost any topic.

Also in terms of SEO, YouTube videos are much easier to rank than websites or any other web properties.

And lastly it’s FREE, so why not to dedicate some time to it, and take it as a long term investment to your business,
along the professional and optimized website, YouTube is also very important for company/product branding.


It took me personally a long time to realize how important are videos for business and building a brand. I have been experimenting with videos on Youtube for a long time but I’ve been always using someone else’s videos (with appropriate rights to use them of course), and gained some really nice traction, but the truth is that you cannot brand those videos, you are always promoting someone other than you.

If I could go back in time I would definitely start creating own videos for business and branding much sooner, that is why I 100% encourage others to start right now without excuse.


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