How to Rank on First Page in Google for Competitive Terms

How to Rank on First Page in Google for Competitive Terms

How to Rank on First Page in Google for Competitive Terms

This is the question that people ask a lot in these days because the search engine optimization and overall marketing is becoming a kind of necessity to grow the business or sometimes even to save the business from going out of business.

Therefore, here are the answers to a couple of questions from Quora that I answered. I truly hope that these answers will be a good help to anyone asking the same or similar questions.

How to Rank on First Page in Google for Competitive Terms


How Can I Rank on Google’s First Page for Competitive Terms?

Be very good at SEO or have a lot of money and hire an expert who is excellent at SEO.

But if the term is super valuable and competitive it can take Forever (even a couple of years)!

And even the people who are best at SEO sometimes do not make it or just say it’s not worth it.

A few years back when I was starting out, I remember myself going after the high-value searches and very competitive term and as a beginner learning the lesson.

Every term is different, and sometimes you need very high authority domain/website and perfectly consistent SEO strategy.


How do answers to Quora topics get added to Google’s search engine?

The answers get in Google naturally by the time, but not all make it to the top/first page. Some of them will be dug in the 100+ pages of Google search engine.

Within the Quora, what helps to assure that the questions and answers get visible in Google, is how many people find the answer to a question helpful by upvoting, commenting, sharing, and following.

You can also help it with other search engine marketing practices like placing the answers with a link back to original answer on Quora on high authority websites etc.


What marketing services would you like someone else to do for you?

The tasks that are kind of boring and do not require too much thinking but still need to be done.

But I would still need to be sure that the outsourcer is going to do a good job because it’s important that everything in marketing is done right and correctly.

It’s like a well-performing sports team. If one out of 10 is doing a bad job it’s going to reflect on the entire team and result.


What is the greatest use of advertising you have seen?

In short:

Putting your product/service where the demand is.

Do it other way and you are just “throwing the pearls to pigs”

Meaning that you spend a lot of time and money with zero results. There is some psychology behind advertising and selling, but without targeting the right people it’s just totally useless and makes it look like some scam to people. I must be genuine, therefore offering stuff to people who truly want whatever you sell.

I cannot say that there is just the best single way of advertising. There are many, and everyone has access to them.


These are just a few hand-picked picked answers about Online Marketing and Optimization out of many that I personally share on Quora. If you’ve got something to ask that is related to the search engine marketing topic, do not hesitate to follow and ask me on Quora, and I will answer as soon as I can.

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