How to Improve Video SEO on a Website to Rank Better

How to Improve Video SEO on a Website to Rank Better

How to Improve Video SEO on a Website to Rank Better

Do you want to publish video content on your website but are worried that they won’t rank well on search engines?

While it is true that videos are unique in some ways, the fact of the matter is that there are ways to improve their SEO just like any other type of content.

To get started and improve the video SEO on your website, there are a few steps that you can take:

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Publish the video transcript alongside the video

  • Make it a policy to transcribe your videos and then publish the transcript next to the
    video itself. It will act as text-based content that search engines can crawl, and give
    them useful information about the content of your video.
  • If necessary you can add the transcript in a collapsible element so that it doesn’t
    affect the rest of your web design.

Add structured data and video sitemaps

  • Both structured data and video sitemaps can help provide search engines with useful
    additional data that they can use when listing your video. While technically you only
    need to use one or the other, there’s really no harm in adding both.
  • Either of the options will let you select a custom thumbnail for your video’s listing.
    That is important, as the thumbnail can have a big impact on the number of clicks
    your video gets.

Make sure the site speed is good

  • Depending on how you publish your videos, they could impact the overall site speed
    of your webpages. Considering how important site speed is nowadays to ranking on
    search engines, you will want to avoid that.
  • Initially, it should be enough to monitor your site speed after you start to publish
    videos and make sure it isn’t affected too badly. If it does start to be affected,
    however, you will need to take steps to improve it.
  • It should be noted that videos that ‘autoplay’ are distinctly bad for the site speed –
    and you should avoid them.

Check that the videos are mobile-optimized

  • Everything about your website should be mobile optimized seeing as there are more
    mobile users online than desktop users. That includes videos – and at a bare
    minimum, you should use responsive design and player.
  • On top of that, you should make sure that the viewing experience of your videos is
    good on mobile devices. Try to steer clear of small elements that viewers may have
    trouble seeing on smaller screens.

Always remember that SEO is constantly evolving and so you should keep as up to date as
possible. Following popular webinars is a good way to do that, and for example, you could
learn how to record a webinar using Movavi Screen Recorder so you can save important

All said and done the steps listed above should help you to get the handle you need on your
website’s video SEO. It will give you a good foundation, and you should then build on that if
you want your videos to start to rise higher in the rankings.

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