How to Get 10,000 Connections on LinkedIn Business Network

Milestone Achieved!

how to get 10,000 connections on LinkedIn

Reaching four figures (10,000) of direct connections on one of the biggest business-oriented social networks on the internet is a big big deal. I believe that every business no matter what industry or size, should build and grow the network online as there are huge benefits to it.

  1. Earn extra income
  2. Become a celebrity in your niche

It’s great because what I like about online networks such as LinkedIn, is that it’s strictly about the business so it’s not like that you are going to bother anyone with constant posting of the business-related content. Therefore, on the other hand, LinkedIn is not a place to go for a regular chit-chat about what I had for breakfast.

But there is a small catch.

It’s hard to build your first 100 – 1000 connections if you are starting fresh from scratch. I know from my personal experience because that’s how I started and it took me a lot of time and effort to do things right, so you do not hurry too much and get your LinkedIn account suspended.

Slow and consistent growth is key from the beginning, especially on the networks like LinkedIn.

Also what can really help, are endorsements and testimonials, which users can exchange between themselves.

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