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How to Do Keyword Research for SEO

How to Do Keyword Research for SEO

Keyword Research Tips

This is an overview of how to do the keyword research for SEO to get good results short-term and long-term.

The main Key to successful SEO dwells in picking up the right keywords and start consistently optimizing for them. It’s very important to not hurry and go for high-volume keywords because those will take forever to rank with a new website.

That’s why I recommend to do the research and find some long tail quality keywords that do not have many monthly searches but are relatively easy to rank for.

I introduced the handy tool Keyword Planner, straight from the owners of the biggest search engine Google. It’s a great rough guide to research keywords, the best way is to use the tool in combination with own brain.

Keyword research tips


Keyword Research Tools

I believe that there is no better research tool other than the human brain, thus the human brain is responsible for the creation of such tools in the first place.

But to make things a little bit easier and faster we use the smart tools first and then finalize the search using own common sense and out of the box thinking.

One of the best (maybe only) is the keyword planner, and since this tool is owned by biggest search engine Google, it makes only sense to put the Keyword Planner on the spot as the first choice.

The tool has been mainly created to help their advertisers to find the right keywords to bid on and advertise. is the second tool I recommend to use for effective keyword research.

*Any other keyword research tool is getting the data from Google or they are fake. It requires a lot of power and resources to keep gathering, analyzing and updating this amount of data.


Keyword Research for YouTube Video, Website, or Blog

It all pretty much starts with an idea and keyword research when creating Youtube video or blog post.

Picking the right keywords is important so you do not waste precious time and energy while getting exactly nowhere as many do.

Go after the low competition, low hanging fruits first. Those are often long tail phrases constructed out of more than 3 words with the usually low volume of monthly Google searches.

The entire process goes the same for YouTube videos and channels, websites, and blogs.

Keyword research is important for SEO and SEO is important for high search engine rankings.

And since the search engine’s algorithm needs the information in a form of (mostly text) content to crunch on and learn what is the video, blog post, or website all about, it’s very important to give the search bots clear message what is our content all about.


The Most Important Place to Place Your Main Keyword

Upon my years of research, analysing and testing I have learned that there are 2 main places to focus on when optimizing the video or post for our main keyword.

It’s the URL slug and Main Title.

The rest of the post should be informative right on the topic and doesn’t necessarily have to contain repetitive versions of the main keyword.

For the websites, the URL slug is the part behind your domain name: /name-of-your-post

For Youtube video SEO the URL slug cannot be changed as it’s automatically given the unique ID after the successful upload on to your Youtube channel.


Secondary Keywords



how to do keyword research for seo



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