How to Attract Online Visitors/Traffic to Your Website (Quora)

How to Attract Online Visitors/Traffic to Your Website (Quora)

How to Attract Online Visitors/Traffic to Your Website (Quora)

Quora SEO Marketing Q&A 19.12. 2018

How to get online traffic to your website in 2019

How many articles do I need to publish in order to generate a substantial amount of online visitors to my website?

It’s very relative. You could have 1 very well SEO optimized article attracting thousands of visitors a day, or million articles attracting 0 visitors.

This is not much about how many but how Well are those articles are written and optimized, including on-page and off-page SEO.

In other words, you could have 1000 articles on your website but none of those articles make it to the first 10 positions for your keywords, all the content is pretty worthless since nobody can find it and read.

It’s better having 100 well-optimized articles regularly published over the time than 10 000 articles that nobody finds and reads.

Quality over Quantity is the key!


There are other ways how to get organic traffic which involves mass building marketing software scrapping and spinning the content from the web, and then builds tens of thousands of pages on one website with very low (many times absolutely unreadable content) quality, hoping that some of those millions of pages will make it to the first page of Google for some long-tail keywords and stick there.

I do not really much agree with this kind of strategy as a long-term viable option, plus I don’t think that the internet needs more crapy content, I rather stand for quality.


Let’s say there is a nice article about my company on a popular blog website (e.g. Forbes, Medium, etc.). Can I advertise that article on my Facebook company page as a sponsored content without asking the site owner’s permission?

As far as you give attribution to the creator of the original content it’s totally fine 🙂
When you think about it it’s a double WIN-WIN situation for both, You and the Content writer. He advertises your company in his article on Medium, and you promote him by sharing his article (about your company 🙂 on your social media channels and pages. Nothing wrong with that 😉

But if you really want to feel on 100% safe side than you can ask the owner for permission and they will absolutely say yes.


Is updating my websites pages a good way to increase search engine optimization?


Search Engines love fresh up to date content.

One of the strategies that I use is that every year I look at all the content (posts and pages) on my website using Google Analytics, and see which content is generating the most traffic and which is not.

Then I prioritize the posts that are the best and update its content with fresh and extra info where needed and change the published date to recent.

Many times those updated posts start to rank higher.


Where can I get more traffic on my site?

There are basically 3 ways how to start building traffic to a website.

  1. Paid advertising – Google, YouTube, Facebook ads etc
  2. Social Media Marketing – building a strong follow base on various social media channels like YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram.
  3. SEO – Optimizing your website for various lucrative keywords for search engines.

My recommendation for businesses is to do all, but BE CONSISTENT!

I see your business is local business fast food. For this type of business, I would recommend building social media following (sharing content and spend €5 a day on FB or Instagram ads targeting local customers.

Submit Online Press Releases to improve SEO and Google local maps listings.

Hiring the digital marketing expert can speed up things apart from learning and doing everything on your own. Depends what are the goals and expectations.

Free Report Analysis – Online Paradigms


What are some effective ways to increase the traffic on a website as of 2019?

In a short, I would answer your question as follows. A more detailed answer would be for a very long conversation.

  1. Creating and promoting valuable quality content using SEO and social media marketing.
  2. Building Brand Awareness using media news and press releases.
  3. Grow social media following on various channels like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter etc.
  4. Offer some valuable freebies in exchange for the email address – Email Marketing.
  5. Be consistent!

Ok, these are 5 picked questions and answers from Quora today 19th of December 2018, hope that was helpful, See You next time.

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