How Does an SEO Expert Plan SEO Services Accordingly to the Business?

How Does an SEO Expert Plan SEO Services Accordingly to the Business?

How Does an SEO Expert Plan SEO Services Accordingly to the Business?

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There comes a lot of questions about the business and current situation, to understand what does business needs to grow better and what are the expectations.

When there is an understanding and acknowledgment on both sides, the business owner and SEO expert.

But in general, this could be done via email, skype, or phone, if preferred, and does not go too deep into the too many details. Just important things to determine the situation.

For example, I use a simple form on my page with a couple of key specific questions, just to get enough of info that is necessary to properly analyze and evaluate the campaign for a client/business owner.

Once a person submits those questions, I do a little homework and follow up with a free report.

The most important metric for an SEO Expert to look at is the market environment, more specifically the level of competition in that particular business environment we call “Niche”.

It’s the competition that in most of the cases dictates the price and costs of SEO services and the estimated time that is needed to gain online visibility and rankings.

Usually, taking into account the latest algorithmic changes, it takes about between 8 – 18 months to really see the results.

Business owners also should know that these rules are not dictated by us, SEO Specialists and Experts, but by Google and other search engines. They own the game, they make the rules, and they reserve the right to kick out anyone who doesn’t respect and behaves by their rules.

But we all know what they want :), it’s not really a Great content, it’s the MONEY from advertisers, but without people creating that Great Quality content there wouldn’t be anything to advertise on except search engine full of ads.

And that’s what we do.

We create great content and distribute it all over the place that is called the Internet!

I am a big believer in transparency and trust, therefore I would like to encourage business owners to learn about SEO and online marketing, and all the facts and matters involved.


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