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GrooveFunnels Review and Free Account

The Best Digital Marketing Software Tool-Kit of 2020

GrooveFunnels is the newest all-in-one platform for online marketers and web developers that offers various types of web solutions. There are many similar types of software like GrooveFunnels but none of them took things this far and that fast as GrooveDigital team. In this short GrooveFunnels review, I will try to cover the main aspects and features of the app.


GrooveFunnels Review

This is the main interface of the app where you can find on the left-hand side of the panel with various categories, the first one is GrooveFunnels. When you click-open the GrooveFunnels, the dropdown menu shows the current apps that are available or at the late stage of development. See the screenshot below.


groovefunnels tools


The section for future GooveFunnels apps that are at the early stage of development and come around sometime next year, see below.

Future GrooveFunnels apps


And the eCommerce apps for building an eCom business such as all-in-one eCommerce business platform GrooveKart and GroovePages for Shopify.

GrooveApps for eCommerce


For the beginner, it may seem like a lot of apps and confusing, but it’s really not. The reason is that up until now we had to get many different accounts and apps from different companies, GrooveFunnels have fixed the problem by placing all-important online marketing apps under one account which super simplifies the things actually.

As far as for beginners and most of the people, the main focus shall be directed to GroovePages, the first app from the dropdown list under the GrooveFunnels.

GroovePages is superb web development application that allows you to build professional looking and fully functional websites that are fast and easy to build, but also lightning fast and SEO super friendly.

With GroovePages you can create any type of website for any kind of niche and industry. It’s built with all the features and functions that you could ever imagine.

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GroovePages uses the new technology of drag & drop style, and with premade templates, boxes, stylings, and mockups it makes it flawless to design and create any kind of website, web page, landing, and opt-in page, placeholder or sales letter, that you could possibly imagine. The page load speed is incredible, we could even say that GroovePages websites are faster than anything seen before. And if we know anything about the technology, the speed of the processing is always the key.

Now, this is the main interface dashboard of GP. The squared windows that you see are the current projects/websites, for the first time, this will be empty. Click the green button in the top right-hand corner to proceed with building the website or web page.

GroovePages interface


Now you can choose whether you want to start fresh with the blank template or pick one of the premade page layout templates offered.

GroovePages Web page builder


After selecting your website template you can start editing, creating, and adding your content and media to the website. Using the left-hand side panel you can search through hundreds of blocks and templates.

GroovePages website


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GrooveFunnels app