Can You Hack Google to Get a Website on #1 Spot?

Can You Hack Google to Get a Website on #1 Spot?

Can You Hack Google to Get a Website on #1 Spot?

A very common question that has been around ever I started and asked the first time and many years before. It’s actually what got me hooked up the very first time I decided to learn SEO, web development, and online marketing all at the same time. I wanted to dominate Google and rank for those impossible keywords such as how to make money online or weight loss.

That did not happen as I initially thought, but the constant obstacles and hitting the dead ends made me to fully dive in and learn what works and what doesn’t. And as many probably know, in this ever-changing scene of SEO, one has to move very fast to stay ahead and always ready prepared.


Can you hack Google


This is something that the best Programmers and Engineers at Google been working on for the past several years, and I believe that they finally made their algorithm bulletproof, so no one can actually hack in and place own website at the top of the list for high search volume keywords.

Many years ago, from the beginning of Google Era, a few smart SEO “hackers” always figured out the way how to spam the heck out of internet by generating millions of worthless backlinks with exact match anchor text all at once, and they could dominate almost any valuable keyword if they hit it aggressively with spamming.

But that’s the long past.

Today Google has so smart algorithm and even people at work, that every marketer has to play by their rules, no more spamming otherwise kicked out/deindexed hard.

The goal of an SEO today is to be able to create informative and unique content fast and as cheap as possible and find the best opportunities to publish the content (guest blog posts, press releases, social networks, or own authority blogs and websites)

So it’s really about knowing the game rather than how to cheat it.


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