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I know that I talk a lot these days about the new set of ninja tools for web developers and digital marketers called GrooveFunnels, but you need to understand that there is a good reason for that. These new revolutionary tools are praised by the top online entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and software developers to be the new higher standard of online marketing whether it’s eCommerce, eLearning & education, or service providing business. Some of these known names in SEO and digital marketing space such as Mike Long, Greg Morrison, Dan Anton, just to name a few, they clearly demonstrate the difference between the “New” and the “Old” standard. To get the sense about the difference, it is literally like going to the gunfight with the “Old Musket” against the “Heavy Machinegun”. That’s how fast things are going forward now, especially in online space.


GrooveKart and GrooveFunnels

groovekartNow, as the title of this post probably suggests, we will talk little about eCommerce business and how tools such as GrooveFunnels and GrooveKart can help you to build everything up.

I haven’t been talking about the GrooveKart much since it is mainly built and used for the eCommerce business, which is selling physical products online from the pencil sharpener to a car. And since I haven’t been focusing much on eCom business personally myself, I am not sure if I would be the best person to teach and talk about how to build an eCommerce business and all the necessary and helpful tools to get. But because of today’s world and the global scenario that is happening right now around the pandemic, got me to focus on eCom more, and it all comes down to a few simple reasons. As I said, the world has changed, many businesses been destroyed (mostly those that involved a lot of physical contact with many people), and nobody knows where exactly is this all going.

Big Opportunity in Bad Economy – Have a Good Plan (eCom is Booming!)

While I have my own beliefs about what and why all this mess exactly happened and who is behind it, one thing is certain. And it is that you must take charge of yourgroovefunnels own life, take the situation strongly in your hands, and prepare the plan A, B, and even C if you can. So with many shops being closed and forced out of business, it’s apparent that online shopping for physical products such as clothes, shoes, apparel, hobbies and sports products and equipment, etc. The list could go on and on.

So doesn’t it make sense to start looking into the eCommerce business as a possible income solution?

Of course, it does make sense, and a Big One!

I believe it’s even a bigger opportunity than most people would think. By being in this online entrepreneurship business, for the last few years, I see hundreds of people, beginners, starting their own eCommerce business and even building their own brands within just a few months, making 6 to 7-figure profits. And this is all before the global pandemic and lockdown, so imagine how these businesses must thrive now.

When you look at the biggest eCommerce company in the world,, their business is up by as much as 30%! One could argue that this whole pandemic did not play in Amazon’s favor, with this volume of cash, 30% extra is a lot of money.

What if I told you that you can take a slice of that multibillion-dollar cake that is called

It’s more possible and doable than you think, but what you need are the right tools and the right strategy. Now, I already mentioned the tools, which are GrooveKart and GrooveFunnels, and now the strategy, the execution, the action.

Now, what is even better is that for a limited time you can get GrooveFunnels for FREE for LIFE!

Why Free, you may ask? Well let’s say that the GF creators want to give a helping hand to people who need it, businesses that been destroyed and run down, or those who want to kill the boredom or learn the new skill.

Click Here to Get FREE GrooveFunnels Account

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Amazing Selling Machine – The Top Rated eCommerce Business Course

amazing selling machine

For the last 8 years, I have been watching Matt Clark, the serial online entrepreneur, author, businessman, and co-founder of and Amazing Selling Machine, build several eCommerce businesses and teaching others how to do it with phenomenal success. His strategies just worked and the amount of success that he and his students had just grown so fast. That’s the reason why Matt and his team have created the best eCommerce business course on the planet called Amazing Selling Machine loaded with the up to date training and strategies, best tools, and professionals willing to help the new guy with whatever is the struggle.

There is truly no better training to build an eCom business than ASM.

Even though the cost of the course might be out of your budget, I still highly recommend checking it out. They do the free training webinars a couple of times a year, which is a great place to learn much more about the ASM course.

Click Here to learn more about ASM



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