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SEO Mindmap & Roadmap: Ultimate SEO Blueprint – USB #1

Mapping and Planning for SEO

SEO Strategy Planning


Welcome to the first episode of Ultimate SEO Blueprint (USB) training where I am going to share the knowledge, skills, and experience about search engine optimization, how SEO works, and how anyone can use it to their advantage.

It’s very important to properly plan everything from the start, so there is no confusion later, or even worse, waste of entire time and money. It’s like an architect must do his job to evaluate the site before the building can be built, planning the SEO or marketing campaign is the same thing.

SEO Road Mapping

What’s Your Goal?

What most of the people usually overlook when starting out with SEO and online marketing, is to assess in details the realistic goal you are trying to achieve with SEO.

The greatest #1 most common mistake that beginners do is to go after the most searched keywords that are too general and broad to have buyer-intent-value (BIV) and have high fierce competition that only companies or individuals with a huge budget and team can compete with.

I’ve seen beginners doing this mistake over and over again, and even I have done the same when I was starting with SEO in 2013 as total beginner.

The way to come up with a good SEO plan roadmap is to understand the market you are in first.

Meaning to understand the business, product and/or service you intend to sell and all of the problems it can solve for other people that are searching the internet and look for solutions.

Business Marketing Goal

Low-Hanging Keywords

You know when they say that you should always pick the low hanging fruits first?

It’s because it’s easy and fast, and anyone can do it.

With keywords and rankings it’s the same. There are thousands of long-tail keyword phrases that deviate from the main keyword for the business or product that are not so difficult to rank for.

So it only makes sense to go after those easy-to-rank long-tail keywords first as it provides an initial fast proof to algorithms that your website provides a value to user by trying to solve their problem.

Another thing what many beginners don’t realize is that these long-tail keyword phrases are many times super valuable because of the very high intention to buy the product.

Decide about your main business keyword and then research and save as many related long-tail phrases as possible, the more the better.

low-hanging keywords

Good Quality Content

Quality content is something that cannot be ignored anymore. 10 years ago you would get away with gibberish non-readable content that SEO marketers would use to rank their websites, but not today.

I mean, to me it actually never made sense to use this low-quality autogenerated content if you expect the people to come to your website and read it. But from the purely algorithm AI stand point, it’s becoming so smart to recognize the fluent language patterns from nonsense gibberish.

So either way, it’s always better to invest in good quality content, quality over quantity.

Plan out as many articles as you can on various related topics, write down the titles and descriptions, and start working on them.

Depending on your writing skills, knowledge of the topic, and how much time you have, you may want to consider hiring the freelance writer, which will cost you more money but save you a lot of hustle and time that could be used on other things.

Also, beside the text written content, you should work on getting some images and videos created for your website.

quality content marketing

Website and Media

Next step is the website, so you need to secure the domain name that will represent your or your client’s business. There are 3 main ways how to get a domain name that you should know of.

You can get the domain name by registering a brand new domain, or getting a domain at the auction, or buying already established website with content, backlinks, and traffic.

  • Option #1 – Buy Already Established Website with Traffic
  • Option #2 – Buy Pre-Powered Domain in an Online Auction
  • Option #3 – Register New Domain

1. If you register a brand new domain that never been registered before or has been registered and expired (careful about those), it costs the least, usually 10 dollars per year, but because it’s a fresh new domain it will take much longer to establish the required authority through SEO and marketing.

2. Domain auctions are good place to look for powerful but reasonably priced domains that used to be real business websites, therefore they usually have high-quality backlinks pointing back to the site boosting it’s SEO power. You can expect to pay somewhere between $50 and several hundred dollars if the domain is really valuable. There are the domains going for much more into seven figures but we are not interested in those. You pick a really good domain name with many high authority backlinks for $100 or less if you are lucky, but between $100 – 500 would be the suggested price range.

3. Obviously, the last option is the most expensive and could cost several thousands of dollars or euros, but it sets you up ahead the competition very fast.

So choose one of these three options, I usually go with the middle one because the domain is pre-powered with high quality backlinks, just make sure the domain and links are keyword related to your business and not a completely different industry.


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