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Quiz Funnels is a new product from the founder of Ask Method Ryan Levesque, and it’s been designed to help business owners and entrepreneurs to serve better to their customers. Ryan Levesque, who has been featured in various popular media and magazines such as Forbes, Success.com, Entrepreneur, and many more.

Really, the main idea behind including quizzes in your business marketing strategy is straightforward, Ask Questions to learn more about the other person’s problem to serve them better.

Quizzes have been around engaging and entertaining people for a very long time, and it’s a great way to get someone’s attention, especially in today’s busy world where the average attention span is around 10 seconds or less! Which is absolutely crazy, and makes me wonder how we can still function together as a whole society, but somehow we do.

So the premise is that almost everybody likes quizzes, especially when it’s about them or their business, and also it doesn’t feel like marketing, advertising, promo, or selling, but more like a conversation.


QuizFunnel Masterclass 2022
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Why Quiz Funnels for Your Business

why quiz funnel for business

We already tackled a bit about why it’s a good idea to start using quiz funnels as one of the primary marketing strategies, so let’s dive in a little bit deeper.

Asking the right people, the right question, at the right moment is a tremendously valuable skill in any business. In fact, good communication skill is more important than having the best product or service because that’s what sells it. If you have the best product on the planet but nobody knows about it, it’s not really that great, is it?

What a well-designed quiz does, it prequalifies the customer so they are more likely to buy from you and stick with you. The quiz funnel must be designed so the person actually learns something or intrigues them to make a step further.

The conversion rates are very high because again, the quiz doesn’t have the sense of being sold upon to something that you may not want.

The quiz is like a questionnaire to learn more about your customers and clients what is it they actually want or need. Many times people want something but in reality when you look at the problem they have, what they want is actually not what they need to fix it. The quiz can uncover all of that, again, if designed properly.

Another thing is that when a prospect goes through the quiz and all of the questions, it gives them a sense that someone actually cares about the problem that they have.

When You Ask, Someone Answers

When I started to think about what makes really the difference in whether a business is prospering and thriving or scraping by and surviving, comes down to very few things.

One of those things is asking the right questions. I know that I’ve said that already but it’s really that simple. I say the Right questions because if you start asking the wrong questions the conversation goes the opposite way, the person gets suspicious and closes down.

But if you ask questions in a sense that you really care, like a friend who is being deeply honest and is trying to help, then people open up and the solution for their problem can be found.

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Quiz Funnel Masterclass


QuizFunnel Masterclass 2022
Download the special Quiz Funnels Blueprint and Templates

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QuizFunnel Masterclass Review

Ryan Levesque has created the Quiz Funnel Masterclass where he goes teaches everything about how to build quizzes for your, your family, or your client’s business.

Honestly, in my opinion, this is the best way of getting people “really” interested in your offered product or services. Also, as mentioned, the conversion rates of people/leads coming into the quiz funnel are the highest I have ever seen – 70, 80, even over 90%!

I don’t know how much you know about what is considered standard and good figures, but if you achieve 30% conversions, you are considered a very good marketer. Beginners usually get much lower numbers like 15%, 10%, or 5%, or even below.

The big problem with marketing is that we are too much in our heads thinking what people want and then spend the rest of the time trying to offer it to them somehow, and they just keep on rejecting and refusing even though we know that we have a great product.

Remember, you cannot possibly think out everything that people want and trying to sell it to them because most of the time you’ll be wrong.

The better way is to precisely ASK what they want using specifically designed questions inside quizzes, and the entire guesswork has been taken care of by people telling you exactly what they want.

It’s super hard to earn the trust in business these days and it’s getting harder and harder with ongoing scams and people taking an advantage of other people for profit. It’s something that I personally totally despite, people who lie in order to make a profit, but luckily there aren’t that many.

High Converting QuizFunnel landing optin page example

Quiz Funnels Offer Summary

During the Quiz Funnels Launch, Ryan will be teaching the entire Quiz Funnels masterclass for FREE. The training is just pure golden nuggets value filled with all quiz funnel strategies that Ryan developed and tested, generating hundreds of thousands of leads on autopilot, making millions of dollars in revenue for his company and his students.

In fact, Quiz Funnels strategies work so well that it’s been Ryan’s single biggest and most profitable launch during his career.



Read this detailed Quiz Funnels Review and learn more about the upcoming Quiz Funnel Masterclass and Quiz Builder Software

Why Quiz Funnels

(P.S. Quiz Funnel Masterclass with software and all the bonuses will be open for registrations in the beginning of June, so if you would like to be notified via email just enter your details below and we will let you know as soon as it opens.)


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