How to Get 10 000 Connections on LinkedIn Business Network

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Not long ago my personal business profile on LinkedIn has reached 10 000 business connections, and all of that through organic growth, no paid advertising or some shady spam-like methods that get your account just banned.

It’s the 100% genuine and legitimate way that doesn’t really require that much time, skill, or knowledge but it requires a commitment to focus and consistency. Also, without kidding anyone, whatever it that you share on your social networks, whether it is some kind of service or product, it must be good quality or somewhat valuable, and you as a vendor should believe in the product or service too. Without these two attributes, it’s really hard to sell and/or grow the business.

Since other popular social media networks are focused on user’s entertainment and broadly general use, LinkedIn is solely dedicated to people in business, organizations, and companies, to share anything related. So, it’s not a place to go whining about stuff, it’s solely placed for professionals.

Now everyone hopefully can see the power and usefulness of having and growing the professional LinkedIn profile and all the positives for business.

We will be sharing tips and strategies to be able to achieve such results very soon, so “stay connected, stay tuned!”


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