Google Maps for Business explained

How Does Google Maps SEO Marketing for Business Work

What Is Google Maps for Business?

It’s basically the online property that businesses can obtain upon registration and request from Google.

It Must Be a real address otherwise Google won’t let you submit the request, which when approved is usually followed by a physical letter with the confirmation code that you must submit in order to activate your Google Maps for Business account.

Next is to add the content to the appropriate fields such as about pages and description, etc., with the business brand and the main keywords included, like Online Paradigms Digital Marketing and SEO Services for Local Businesses in UK and US, or something like that.

  1. There is the name of the business brand – Online Paradigms
  2. Main keywords that describe the business’s nature – digital marketing and SEO services for local businesses
  3. And estimated location like the country – state – city


Why Would Local Business Care About Online Maps?

Benefits of Online Maps for Your Business

All those different terms like maps optimization, SEO, marketing is kind of confusing because it’s still quite new and many businesses still do not know about online marketing features such as online maps.

This will probably shock you, but did you know that statistically 90% of all customers searching for local business in their area on Google come from Google Maps!

I personally couldn’t believe that number but eventually, it all makes sense that people use the maps as a trusted deciding medium when looking for local business services. If all businesses knew this the maps would explode, that’s why only about 35% of all businesses are on maps. and a very small number of those know how to optimize the Google map and website┬áto display in the first 3 maps search results.

So as you can see now being in the top 3 map results is very essential for local businesses that offer services in their local area is very rewarding, more customers – more sales.


What Is Google Maps SEO/Marketing?

This is where the experience and skills come into play. You see, nobody really knows the exact formula for being No.1 in the maps and organic search results for highly competitive keywords, but you can have constant testing and analyzing routine in the place to quickly figure out what SEO strategy works now and implement it. It’s even better if you have access to a group of experienced and super successful SEO marketers to move even faster.

So what we do in terms of SEO speaking, is to perfectly set up everything in Google Maps account, Link it with the already SEO optimized website, and start building the links that give a signal to the algorithm that this website/business is important and the search engine will move it up in their organic listings, and this is another whole subject. to talk about in the next article post.

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