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Here is the thing that I and many established marketers can agree on.

CONVERSION is a real problem, always.

Not the traffic (that most people think), or the product. Even though these two also play their own big role in successful marketing promo campaigns, the biggest problem always remains to be sale conversion.

Here is an example.

Imagine you have a product that is good, you did your research and found there is a potential market for it. You see and know the product is good because it’s what you promote, but others have no idea at all about how good your product is. So the only way to let them know is through a quick simple but the specifically designed message that catches people’s attention so they end up clicking on your ad, website, video, etc., instead of your competitor’s who did a better job in wording the headline message.

We are talking about the difference between lead opt-in conversion rates of 5 – 10% that the vast majority of businesses have, and 80% or more when you do it right!

That’s how powerful it is to choose the right words.

But the main problem is that for an average business owner it is near to impossible to write all the marketing materials such as emails, ads, blog posts, social media messages, themselves because of the amount of time they would have to spend on writing emails, ads, and social medial posts, split testing and analyzing and cherry-picking those that perform best.

For a normal business owner, this would be an absolute NIGHTMARE!

Now, how about me telling you that CopyPro does all of that and more with a few clicks on autopilot?

CopyPro Copywriting Automation Software

You would definitely think that it’s too good to be true.

Well, just like I did until I attended one of Jon Benson’s LIVE workshops where he perfectly explained what I said above, just much better :-p, that your problem in business is for 99.9% conversion.

I have been doing online marketing for a while to know and confirm that it’s true.

There is nothing more frustrating to watch the flood of traffic that you’ve worked hard and been waiting for to not convert as you’d expect.

That happens all the time by the way, but not many marketers talk about that because they think it would make them look weak, unworthy, unreliable, or whatever.

But in my eyes, it is important to know this critical fact that totally determines the financial success of any business.

So far I believe that CopyPro can resolve the conversion issue for many businesses, and it proved itself to be legit.

CopyPro AI has been also endorsed by some of the biggest online marketers like Ryan Daiss and Mike Filsaime saying that in the long run, this incredible tool can literally save thousands of hours of your valuable time or thousands of dollars otherwise spent on copywriters.

Here is my CopyPro review if you would like to learn more, or Click Here to Buy CopyPro and save $500 if you think it can help you and your business.


Also, you can register and attend the CopyPro workshop and let Jon take it from there.


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