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ClickBank Builder Is Now Autopilot Events

ClickBank Builder changed to Autopilot Events

One of the most popular Affiliate marketing tools called ClickBank Builder has officially changed the name to Autopilot Events, which kind of describes the tool a little bit better. The software still uses the ClickBank as a main affiliate marketing platform for the done-for-you high-ticket product funnels and automated webinars, but you can create any kind or type of opt-in page and use any platform of your choice.

So in other words, nothing has changed, there only been added more tools, training, and other resources in the Autopilot Events, former ClickBank Builder’s members area.

Now, for those people who are new and never heard of Autopilot Events or ClickBank Builder, I will try to explain quickly what is it all about and why I believe you absolutely should get the system and powerful software.

Autopilot Events


What Is Autopilot Events System?

Autopilot Events membership

Founder: Justin Atlan – Self-made entrepreneur and #1 ClickBank network affiliate and co-founder of former ClickBank University that also merged to Autopilot  Events.

I already mentioned that it is an online program consisting of a video training course on affiliate marketing and the best practices how to build a profitable online business and new generation automation software that automates the most time-consuming processes like webinar creation, sales funnels, landing pages, email marketing, etc.

It’s as close as it can get to have a fully automated business, all one needs to do is to get some relevant targeted traffic and the system will work its magic. I still don’t know how well the automated webinars convert because I didn’t have much time to actually fully test it, but considering the fact that webinars are the best online sales method today, I think the 8 or 10% conversion is to be expected for high-ticket products ($1000+).

Selling high ticket products that make you up to $1000 in commissions per One sale is the goal here to make as much profit as possible. The member’s area contains a library of nearly a dozen high-quality and popular products such as online courses and software proven to sell (7 figures+).

How Does the System work?

  1. Register a free account at ClickBank and get your affiliate ID
  2. Go to AutoPilot Events members area and choose the product you’d like to promote
  3. Enter your ClickBank ID and customize the pages or leave as it is
  4. Get your unique URL link and start driving traffic
  5. Makeup to $1250 per sale!

It probably sounds very easy but let me tell you that one of the hardest things is to get targeted leads, especially for beginners. In order for people to spend a few thousand dollars they must be prequalified, meaning that they must know what they want. The biggest mistake that many people do is that they think that they can get cold traffic/leads and that they will automatically convert.

Remember, those conversion rates figures are always based on warm, prequalified traffic/leads, which not many people will tell you. With cold traffic, you can expect pretty much close to 0% unless you are lucky.

There are many different ways how to prequalify your leads, one of the best ways is the conversation or offer free valuable bonuses.

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