SEO strategies

Why Every Business Needs Competitive SEO Ranking Strategy


Marketing by word of mouth still works in some places like a charm when it comes to promoting your business. It surely is one of the best and most personalized strategies to attract customers and clients to your business. But there are other great strategies that shouldn’t be ignored like search engine optimization, mainly in big and medium-sized cities.

Is SEO the Best Way to Promote Business?

SEO strategies

What I specifically like about SEO is that it’s not like paid advertising where you are guessing based on some demographic information who is the ideal client and who wants to buy. No…no. SEO works differently. It’s the people behind the computer, the customers, who are searching for your solution, they are in the buying mode already, and if they find you, and your website and info look appealing to them, you got a customer/client.

I see it as a less intrusive and non-aggressive way of marketing and business promotion than paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc. But there is one catch that kind of discourages many people to go this road, and it’s time & money investment. What I mean by that is that search engine optimization is long-term tedious work and it generally takes several months to get some good results. And it is NOT a one-time investment, it’s a recurring cost because a person like me, the SEO Expert, must spend many hours every day, week, and month on researching, analysing, testing, implementing, plus spend money too no matter which SEO strategy is used, there is always time and money investment involved which is really going to pay off in the future.

SEO Alchemy Science

SEO rules and strategies

But even if we understand SEO very well, we are still in the mercy of algorithms, lines of codes, that are sorting out and delivering the content that someone is looking for.

Same SEO rules and strategies NEVER or rarely apply the same for every single business industry, and with ever changing updates to algorithms, in different times different rules and strategies apply.

SEO is like a science, with constant testing, analysing, and finding new ways to push the content up in the search engines listings, rank on the first page for as many related terms as possible.

Now, in the next up coming months I will be sharing some of my in-house SEO strategies that I personally use to rank websites and videos for the last 8 years since 2013 when I first time started.

Stay tuned!

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