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Benefits of SEO For Your Local Business #USB5

A Decade of Evolution of SEO

How to do SEO for my local Business

I have been saying for the last 7+ years that there some huge benefits of having a proper SEO structure for any kind of business, and even for local traditional businesses like any kind of store with a physical location or a local are services such as plumbers, carpenters, electricians, builders, or window and office cleaners just to name a few.

The reason why I saw the importance of SEO for local businesses comes down to the one thing.

Mobile Smartphones!

Many years ago I and others could see the fresh window opportunity to get in the game early and start implementing some core principles of SEO that I am talking about on my blog. Whether someone likes it or not there’s been a huge consciousness transformation, or we could call it a shift of focus and attention to the small internet screen called the smartphone.

If we compare how many people were using the smartphones for searching local business or services 10 years ago compared to now, it’s roughly 450 million in 2011 to 6.5 billion in 2021, which is about 15 time more smartphone users in just 10 years.

Now, those businesses that started implementing SEO 10 years ago are now in a huge advantage compared to new businesses and those that thought that search engine optimization is just a waste of time and money.

So the question that most of you now probably have is…

do it yourself SEO

Is It Too Late To Start Doing SEO For Your Business?

The answer is, It’s NOT.

Better now than never.

But the thing is that it’s just a bit harder and much more competitive because of reasons I just mentioned. Businesses are realizing and don’t want to miss out.

SEO is a long term strategy and investment, meaning that the highest rewards from doing SEO will be in the future. It’s nothing that I made up, but it’s being controlled by search engine’s algorithms to display the best and most relevant results.

How the Local SEO Works?

The main cornerstone of the successful local SEO is Maps, specifically Google Maps since they have the biggest most up to date database of local area businesses in their maps. If your business is not in maps it’s extremely hard to rank the business website for the related terms.

The more mentions in local citations places like Google Maps, Yelp.com, even Twitter these days, the higher chance of ranking. Just building up these profiles on popular web 2.0 sites and engaging with other users has a strong effect, but there is one more thing which is like a salt for cooking. It’s publishing in online media and authority blogs with do-follow backlink to the business site or/and business profiles.

This is the SEO strategy how you get your business to rank for as many local business keywords and terms as possible.

Can You Do Local SEO Yourself?
SEO strategy

Yes, of course. But remember that it takes a lot of continuous learning and hundreds of hours to do it well, and I am talking about an SEO expert that already knows his stuff. If you are a beginner it would take much longer, and I am not talking about many mistakes that you will most likely do along the way which is a huge setback.

But if you’ve got the time and money, there is no reason why you couldn’t succeed with your SEO efforts. In fact, that’s how many people who are now SEO experts started, including myself.

Recommended SEO Training, Tools, and Resources

Now, you can either learn SEO just by yourself through painful long journey of trial and error, which I do not recommend unless you are super patient and adventurous, or you can learn from others who already “cracked the SEO code” sort of speaking and save yourself a plenty of time, money, and struggle.

Based on my personal expertise and the fact that I went through over a dozen of best SEO training programs and courses for the last decade, and created a few of my own affiliate marketing businesses, I am recommending these programs below.

Top Recommended SEO Courses

The 100k ShouOut System is for those who want to do local SEO as well as learning how to generate website rankings and organic traffic.

Local SEO and Traffic Training – 100k ShoutOut & Ampifire Software

The Infinity Project is all about how to build affiliate marketing business, generating cheap or free traffic selling simple products that you don’t create or own.

Affiliate Marketing SEO and Traffic Training – The Infinity Project


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