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John Thornhill Ambassador Program


What You Will Get Inside John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program?


The main product on offer is John Thornhill’s Ambassador Program. The entire system enables anyone who signs’s up to ‘license’ John’s DFY digital products and keep 100% of all leads and sales. However, the client receives much more. I know John for quite a long time when I think about it it’s actually about 9 years when I was freshly starting out with blogging, digital publishing, and online marketing, dipping the toes in totally unknown waters at that time.

But John has been already an established digital marketer, having a huge success with selling software and info products fully online since 2005. It was his info product on how to build a simple website with the offer, generate online traffic, and make sales. It’s been a long journey since then, but this first product that I bought from John really helped me as a beginner to understand the basics of digital marketing without being caught up in hype and bias that the internet is full of. It’s kind of like picking up mushrooms in the forest, “You need to make sure to pick the right ones otherwise it could be bad news.

Anyway, point is that you always want to learn from someone who is teaching what they actually do in business themselves which is exactly what John Thornhill been doing for over a one and half decades now, and he has a lot of proof to back this statement. I fully trust John’s products so can you too.

But let me make something very clear, there is still the learning path that anyone who wants to be successful must go through, and the amount of hard work that you will put in will directly reflect the amount of success you will achieve. But honestly, with John’s Ambassador Program it cannot get any easier and faster since he has everything prepared for you, and all you have to do is just follow the steps he lays in front of you. So, studying and hard work is highly essential in order to achieve phenomenal success or any kind of success at all.

Ambassador Program DFY Automated Online Business

Ambassador Program is the main product and it allows you to have access to all John’s products, and instantly license any product you want and keep 100% of the sales, no catch! You are basically paying for white-label of many of John’s products and keep most of the profit, and John in return gets the free promotion. It’s a Win-Win situation only you are the bigger winner who gains more. It’s a strategy that is being adopted more and more, where you give 75 to 100% of profit to affiliates on front end products, which in the short term the vendor is losing profit, but in the long-run gains much more because there’s going to be thousands of people who’ll desperately want to promote the quality product that offers 100% commissions per sale. It’s a similar strategy of giving valuable stuff for free in order to build a rapport and establish trust with customers, it’s just more incentivized by actual profit, meaning that the person will always work harder on promoting something for money than something for free.

What You Get If You Sign Up for John Thornhills Ambassador Program

  1. Very own custom-built Evergreen Webinar completely set up for them that is ready to attract and generate leads, prospects, customers, and take orders.
  2. Own custom-built affiliate website completely set up that can generate a 50/50 profit share from your affiliate earnings and you can also recruit other affiliates making money for you.
  3. 99 days sequence of ready-made emails that can be directly integrated into your email autoresponder (email marketing automation software) in just a matter of seconds. This automated email sequence has a high potential to make sales every day for 99 days as long as you do everything correctly and in the right order.
  4. You Keep 100% of all the sales of John’s front end products plus 50% of all the sales of carefully selected ‘high-ticket’ products that will be promoted in your automated email sequence going out to your prospects for 99 days from the moment they sign up.
  5. An additional 50/50 profit share of all the sales of any upgrade offers your recruited affiliates decide to invest in.
  6. Advanced traffic training including DFY (done for you) traffic.
  7. Ongoing training.
  8. Full support.

This is the main Ambassador Program and what covers the initial cost of $497, which is a pretty great deal. But that’s not everything, there are two more offers/upsells, where you will be offered to upgrade.

Nobody should be surprised by that as it’s the standard strategy in marketing that every successful marketer uses.

Offer 1 – Upgrade to Elite

This is an instant upgrade to get Done for You traffic and recruitment of affiliates. 

Offer 2 – Upgrade to Partnership to Success

This offer is actually very interesting and exciting. Partnership to Success is Personal one on one coaching from John Thornhill to help you to create and launch your own product and on top of that promote your product to his students and followers to get the initial targeted traffic and sales. He’s been running the Partnership to Success program since 2011 so it’s proven to be a highly successful program where the participants are literally walked by the hand step-by-step until they can do it by themselves.

It’s a fair play and everyone’s personal choice whether to do most of the required work themselves or have the 15 years experienced professional like John Thornhill to personally help with the creation of a new business.

This is just a quick scope of what’s the Ambassador Program all about and what to expect when joining. If you are interested in learning more in much bigger detail then just follow the link below where you can register for a webinar and watch it for free. And even if you decide that John’s Ambassador program is not for you or for some reason you cannot join, you get at least a plenty of valuable info that 99% of all business owners do not know.




John Thornhill Ambassador Program

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