Best SEO Tools and Strategies for 2019

Best SEO Tools and Strategies for 2019

Best SEO Tools and Strategies for 2019

In this article, I go quickly over some of the most useful SEO tools and strategies to build or boost up any kind of business on the internet, whether it’s a traditional offline business with the real physical location or solely online business selling and shipping physical goods (e-commerce) or info products and services helping people to solve their problem.

I do not believe that there is a single one best tool that solves all the problems, but there are tools that can really ease up many time-consuming tasks with precision and efficiency, allowing us to focus on other things that matter in business and life.

So, all the SEO tools are only helpful when used with intelligence, meaning that they still require a set of SEO skills and knowledge in order to use them effectively.


Best SEO Tools

best SEO tools for 2019

Here is the thing about SEO Tools.

Those that come out of fashion after one year or so, are not good quality tools. Those tools are just for making a quick buck to the vendor from product launches and many times those tools are not even designed to provide any real value.

Bot tools that are useful and provide the real value are sticking around for years.

That’s how you can differentiate from crap too and the great tool. Also, usually those good ones are based on a monthly or yearly subscription.

Never buy overhyped SEO tool promising hands of, push-button solution to everything.

To make use of even the best SEO tool, one must use the brain and marketer’s out of the box thinking too.

Some of my favorite SEO tools are: Aherfs, Majestic, Keyword Titan, PR distribution platform for instant news.



What are the best strategies for getting backlinks in 2019?

The fundamental SEO strategies remain the same.

Backlinks and their quality matters and it’s actually one of the most important ranking factors.

So where you get your backlinks really matter.

Also, if the backlink is from the site with good metrics such as Trust Flow, or Domain Authority, but there is no traffic on the site and nobody sees it, Google doesn’t pay really much attention to it.

so even if you are skilled SEO and use your own PBN for backlinks, they must be fully optimized and with traffic coming to those sites.

I think it’s to solve the problem of too many worthless websites with garbage content on them and really start paying attention to real sites that matter.

The best way (even for a beginner) to get good backlinks is to contact other bloggers and ask them if they do the sponsored post or submit press releases to big media news networks.

Either way, it’s going to cost you money and time, that’s the hard reality.


These questions and many more were originally answered on Quora. If you would like to learn more about SEO and online marketing, please visit and Follow Online Paradigms on Quora and ask as many questions as you like and I will do my best to answer them all.

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