3 Most Common Myths about SEO that You Will Hear Online

About SEOThe digital marketing industry is still quite a new field of study which brings the whole lot of confusion about what is what, and how things work.

One of the most confused fields of digital marketing is SEO.

Apart from social media (which many people understand and can create a clear picture in their head) and paid advertising PPC or CPM (which is also not hard to understand)…

…The SEO (search engine optimization) has the kind of a grey zone cloud around it.

Because of that many people are creating myths, the incomplete or twisted truths, so they look cool and interesting in the eyes of a prospect or customer.

Here at Online Paradigms, we are working very hard on uncovering the best ways and strategies to get the most out of the search engine marketing as possible.

So just go ahead and watch the video to understand a little bit more about SEO and how SEO truly works.

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